"Who needs Harvard, who needs Yale? At POUPON U, you’ll never fail! Stanford, Princeton? Big mistake! POUPON U’s a piece of cake." ~ National Mustard Museum

Which surprises you most...
the fact that America has a National Mustard Museum...
or our celebration of National Mustard Day for twenty two years?
It seems Middleton, Wisconsin takes mustard very seriously and celebrates brands from around the world the first weekend of August each year.

Over here in the UK, Norfolk has been producing Colman's Mustard 
for almost two hundred years and has its own museum in Norwich.
"Local TV with a strong Norwich flavour"...
is the slogan for a local broadcasting company...
As you can see...
Norwich takes its mustard seriously as well.
Over the past few years, mustard farmers have been working together to increase production of mustard seeds in England, 
in order to continue the famous English Mustard name.

Who knew mustard was such a big deal?
And to think you can get you own Poupon U diploma for advanced mustard studies.
Very creative.

Happy Tuesday.

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