"What a grand, higgledy-piggledy, sensible old place Norwich is!" ~ J. B. Priestley

Any city having a club for strangers is a friendly city indeed.
Our visit coincided with the Heritage Open Days offering the opportunity to visit  some locations normally closed to the general public.

One of these little treasures is located on Elm Hill...
where foreign visitors, 'the strangers', were entertained
 in the homes of the wealthy merchants living in the Elm Hill area.
Over the years, the level of prominence had declined to a slum area by 1925, although efforts were being made to bring the street back to its former attraction.

A few years later, in 1927, six local gentlemen formed The Strangers Club...
 where visiting 'strangers' could be entertained.

Elsewhere around town, we strolled along the River Wensum...
and viewed the majestic castle...
strolled through a market available Monday through Saturday... 
and located on its current site for over 900 years.

We rested our weary feet...  
at a watering hole so old...
it is known as Adam and Eve.
Appropriate name for an establishment offering temptation with its refreshments
 to the cathedral builders living and working nearby.

Tucked between our parking lot and a housing tenement,
a well kept community garden is flourishing.

A sensible old place indeed.
Happy Thursday.

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