"Owners Spike and Amy Gjerde are included among the winning “tastemakers,” artisans in various fields across the nation who stand out for “pushing the American-made movement forward.” ~ Washingtonian

While back home in Maryland with the family,
we gathered a small group together to enjoy...
a Baltimore restaurant getting well deserved accolades for its fresh sourcing of local ingredients.

Woodberry Kitchen
the location is pure coolness 
even before tasting cocktails from the James Beard nominated bar.
Our pre-dinner grazing was topped with amazing sauces 
and nibbles of pickled goodness all made in-house.

Passing the toilet test with flying colors...
 reading material is provided on the the walls 
and kitchen dish towels are stacked neatly near the sink for drying your hands. 

As the evening progressed, the warm ambiance became cozier still,
when the outdoor fire-pit came to life.

Dinner was memorable but it was the After-Dinner Mint that lingers.
Trust me on this!

Thankful for family connections making last minute booking possible,
planning ahead for Woodberry Kitchen is encouraged.

Happy Thursday.


  1. Hello there! I have been following your blog for several months now. We just moved to Aberdeen from Chicago. I started reading several blogs to prepare me for the move. Anyway, before we moved to Chicago, we lived in Baltimore for 5 years and I absolutely LOVED Woodberry Kitchen and miss it so much (along with a number of other restaurants we used to frequent). Thanks for this post!

  2. Andrea, thanks for exploring Traveling Simile...welcome to Aberdeen. You wouldn't be the Andrea I met at a meeting yesterday by any chance?

  3. You always have the best quotes! I love your clever writing!

    1. Thanks Jessica...I have been looking for updates on (H)all Around the World.

  4. Not the same Andrea, unfortunately.


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