Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Friday afternoons often involve happy hour,
 when the weekend is ushered in with a clink, clink.
Although, in my world, no happy hour is needed to ring in the weekend.
Nothing ignites a carefree spirit like weekend eve.

Fortunately, our last visit placed us in London early enough to enjoy this ritual.
 London has become familiar and we actually had one of those carefree evenings 
allowing us to meander across Hungerford Bridge...
to the Southbank Centre where all summer long
 artists, architects, designers and community groups turned the area
advertised as a...
which ended this past weekend.
I know, I know,
terrible timing for this blog post.
So sorry.

One of the newest Wahaca restaurants...
creatively constructed from cantilevered shipping containers,
 is in the neighborhood.
Cool enough on its very own,
what is located above...

is the uber cool design installation,
where you can actually stay the night 
if you are lucky enough to have entered the ballot
 and won the chance to climb aboard.
A new ballot starts soon so click above to see how to enter.

This particular evening,
 crowds lined the terrace for views...
of the River Thames as the sun fell in the sky.
Have you ever noticed how time melts away...
 when you encounter a carefree memory in the making .  
Only the appearance of twinkle lights overhead gives some indication of the passage of time...
and the arrival of darkness.

and darkness brings on those...
which continue to delight into the wee hours.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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