"Its ponderous steeple, pillared in the sky Rises with twist in pyramidal form, And threatens danger to the timid eye That climbs in wonder." ~ Samuel Bromley 1822

We left the Chatsworth Estate behind...
 and were whisked away to catch a train in nearby Chesterfield 
by a taxi driver who should be advertised as the area paranormal expert.
Seriously, he is obsessed with unexplained hair raising 'stories'.
He pointed out homes known for unwanted visitors as we drove through the otherwise peaceful countryside.
Needless to say,
our ride into town was quite diverting.

He also gave us the lowdown on the crooked spire seen in the skyline, 
giving further proof of his love of local lore.
St. Mary and All Saints, is the largest church in Derbyshire,
and its spire stands 228 feet from the ground and leans nine feet five inches from its true center.
Depending on who you speak with, the reasons given for this phenomena cross a very broad spectrum.  
Some more believable than others.
Having been built around the time of the 'Black Death' in 1349, the more colorful versions  involve the devil, 
while the more logical explanation is the use of green wood and heavy lead tiles.
Its celebrity status is evident in its cameo of a new chips commercial.

See if you can spot the iconic spiral.

oh happy Friday, Saturday and Sunday to you. 

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