My Aberdeen Monday...

Halfway between Aberdeen and Edinburgh you can visit... 
the childhood home of 
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.
Entering the castle grounds...
your eyes are drawn beyond, 
to the adjoining 14,000 acre estate which also produces crops of lumber and beef...
 although these highland cows are much more valuable 
as photo ops for visitors as they approach the castle... 
which happens to be the residence of Macbeth in the William Shakespeare play.
You can experience Shakespeare this summer, when
"As You Like It" is performed at an outdoor picnic in August. 

Meanwhile, it is well worth a day trip for a castle tour and a visit to the garden.

Happy Monday.


  1. Love Glamis!!! Such a beautiful castle!

  2. So true Debbie...what a shame it took us two and a half years to visit.


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