Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

For some people...
a bicycle is the mode of transportation to...
weekly photo challenge
and vacation away from their everyday life.

In The Netherlands...
it is the... 
for everyday life;
work, school, errands around town.

At a dinner party a few weeks ago, one guest was describing the vacation his family had planned, to bicycle in The Netherlands and I noticed another guest, with a confused look on his face.
I had to laugh when he explained that as a Dutch person...
 although riding a bicycle is great exercise and enjoyable...
he would never plan a vacation around cycling.
 You see so many bicycles around town because they get the locals from point A to point B.
It is as simple as that.

A friend here, who is moving back home to The Netherlands, explained that her daughter would cycle one hour to school each day.
She will have the option to bus some days 
but would choose to cycle most days.

How about you?
Would you cycle to work or school?

Happy Thursday.

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