"The front door opens into the Edwardian country style parlour, with armchairs, sofas and pine dining table, and instead of a reception desk, there’s an inviting, well stocked deli bar for all day grazing, coffees, teas, wines by the glass and spirits." ~ Fiona Duncan, Telegraph Travel

That's me...
dragging myself in from a sun-filled garden to say hello!

The first time I heard the term...
'that's me away'...
I looked behind the person speaking to see if her twin was standing further away, 
but here in Scotland...
it is a phrase used to tell someone you are leaving or going out for awhile.

Well, yesterday was another bank holiday 
and today the sun has had the sky all to itself 
so sitting behind this computer was the last thing on my list.
Can you blame me?

Ren Man and I popped down to Southampton for the long weekend 
and hung out in the most delightful small hotel...
built into the walls that once entirely enclosed the city during the late 1300's.
Being too quaint for 'hotel', I like to refer to it as an inn.
Not your typical Bed & Breakfast which I have never understood anyway.
I mean...
do you pay for a bed only?
Instead The Pig is one that provides the whole room...
and an amazing room at that.
The moment we stepped onto those railroad sleeper(tie) floors 
and rounded the corner to an explosion of color,
the retro details solidified a throwback to a time when life was simpler.
When we weren't relishing the peace of our 'comfy' room,
we were downstairs in the 'parlour'...
where guests gather for an ample, locally sourced breakfast, 
though not included in the price of the room, well worth the money. 
Later, the deli counter is open for nibbles and lite meals...
and finally, cocktails to wind down after a day of exploring.
All of this prepared and served by respectful and aware staff 
who present a comfortable atmosphere you want to come home to.

That's me away.   

Happy Tuesday.

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