“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.” ― Roger Miller

With our positive thinking hats, umbrellas, or hoods on top of our heads...
we ventured out for a historical tour of The Hague.
What could have been miserable...
 turned out to be quite entertaining,
as our teacher-turned-tour guide enjoys the ability to embellish actual facts
 with interesting urban legends. 
Huddled around,
his voice lowered to a whisper as he explained his suspicion of a recording device hidden in the statue in front of the Noordeinde Palace, a working palace. 

According to our guide, the raised flag signifies the Queen is inside working,
and during one of his past tours he made the comment that if the group stood around long enough they might catch a glimpse of the Queen at the window smoking a cigarette.
To his alarm, 
the next day there was mention in the press to 'clear the air' so to speak...
 stating the Queen is not a smoker.
There you have it.
No wonder Prince William van Oranje, was also known as William the Silent,  
he was wearing a wire.

Now, I do not remember many historical facts from the tour, 
but that little bit of nonsense is taking up space in my brain.
Rumor has it, the American Embassy has been approached about relocating outside the city because of the number of disruptive demonstrations taking place.  
Please remember,
the source of this rumor is the same tour guide 
who thinks an equestrian sculpture is recording his every word.

Further down the road...
our guide approached a gate 
and entered the code allowing us to gain access to a small group of houses...
surrounding a courtyard.
Women only.
Apparently, the protests of the women living in this complex over the years have altered the bell ringing of the nearby church.
As we meandered about...
I made note of two points of interest for...
 when I return with Ren Man in tow;
the Hotel des Indies for a luxurious sleepover 
and the Escher Museum next door.

We were given large amounts of data but the dampness crept into my brain
 and most facts have all slipped away.
One tidbit I did retain...
 Amsterdam is the capital of the country...
as once believed.

Broadening my world history knowledge is always a good thing...
but we had enjoyed our 'walk in the rain'...
and had begun to 'get wet'. 
 the last stop involved a hot coffee and a roof.

Happy Thursday.

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