My Aberdeen Monday...

My golf is improving. Yesterday I hit the ball in one! 
 - Jane Swan

After two years of bumping into one golf course after another
on our journeys around Scotland,
I finally succumbed to golf lessons.
It seems my prior experience with putt-putt golf 
had not prepared me for the real deal,
 so after six lessons,
 I have now signed up for six more 
in hopes that I might actually get to a point 
where I look like I know what I am doing.
The drive along the South side of the River Dee puts me in my golf zen...
before entering the Golf Centre...
where my very patient instructor awaits.
It's days like this...
 that keep me focused on getting my game on...
so I have stories to tell about the time I "hit the ball in one"!
Let's just say I take quite a few practice swings.

And then of course,
there's the reward after we play...
enjoying my new Beautiful Mess Photo app
that finishes off the whole golf experience.
Happy Monday.

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