My Aberdeen Monday...

A colorful, terra cotta sculpture of Ceres, 
the Roman equivalent of the Greek Goddess Demeter...
 has the perfect view of all activities going on down below,
atop the old North of Scotland Bank...
and present day bar which bears the name of the buildings architect...
 The Archibald Simpson.

Oh, the stories she could tell.
The building to her right is the former jail and now home to the Tolbooth Museum.

A gaze down to her left, at the upper end of Castle Street,
would have provided hours of entertainment 
as people would gather for the market 
and to observe any public punishments to be carried out, 
or hear any royal announcements to be made...

at the Merkat Cross. 
Built in 1686, at one time, the arches of this 'market cross' were filled in and housed the post office.

Further to her left...
the Salvation Army Citadel, built much later in 1896,
 provides the opportunity to attend church services in a "Cinderella-like" building.
Some say the building design is loosely based on Balmoral Castle.
This area of Aberdeen is jam packed with history and could provide a full day of exploring.

I love this view from the 50's.
Photo source

 Ceres has a prime spot for people watching below,
and she happens to be part of the Sculpture Trail...
which can be viewed at your leisure throughout Aberdeen.

Happy Monday.

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