"Well the LastBus Cafe must have come down from the sky, cause I've never seen the likes of it before..." ~ Neil Hankin

A weekend without snow and welcomed bouts of sunshine 
screamed 'road trip' from the get go.
So, Ren Man and I headed out in search of a small vegetarian cafe out in the middle of nowhere, mentioned a few weeks back.
Now, of course, we could have done some research and gathered the exact location of this 'off the grid' spot,
but that is just not how we roll.

Sometimes the best part of a road trip is taking off, 
having nothing more than the general direction...
 and the proper equipment just in case.
Anywho, we pointed north towards New Pitsligo.

As usual, the drive through the countryside was a reminder of the beauty of Scotland.
A sight to behold for these 'sick of dark & winter' eyes.

Upon arriving in the small village of New Pitsligo 
with no sign of Old Pitsligo or The Lost Cafe anywhere,
before we knew it we had driven through the village 
and had not a clue where our next turn should be.

Neither of us wanted to cave and stop to ask directions 
because it is after all...

Meanwhile, we resorted to our useless cellular devices 
and decided to drive to a point where one of our phones 
showed some sign of life.
It was at this moment we both realized that the directions we had briefly looked at on our computer back at home required flash.
Something our phones fail miserably at.

Blogger to the rescue.
Back in the initial research mode, I remembered seeing a blogpost about this place and buried deep in the comments section was one very important tidbit of information...
"follow the sign for Craigmaud road".
We were off.
As we tentatively approached...
we could not help but be quite impressed at the major repurposing going on. 
This helped to explain the different names attached to our final destination.
The Last Bus Canteen...Cafe...
also known as The Lost Cafe...
is where the food and coffee can be had.
But the beauty of this place is everything they have going on.

There is live music some weekends...
arranged through the Northern Depot LastBus Company
and I can NOT encourage you enough to explore the website.
It is a treasure hunt itself.
If you are looking for a short roadtrip through the Scottish countryside and feel you can find your way with nothing more than the above directions, you will not be disappointed.

People are so fond of this enclave of coolness,
the secrecy will not last long.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


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