Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Ren Man's intrigue of searching out interesting kickstarter projects,
 mentioned here a few weeks ago,
 is one avenue to celebrate his inner geek 
because most of the projects he supports are science related. 
Needless to say, when he found out 
we hadn't missed the Edinburgh Science Festival, 
he dangled a night at the Missoni in front of my eyes and tickets were purchased.

The Maker Faire, held in conjuction with the festival is a spin off of Make Magazine which also feeds his curiosity.
Upon seeing Edinburgh on the list of upcoming faires, and seeing how much we L-O-V-E Edinburgh...

well, it was a no brainer.
Actually, there were many incredible brains there 
sharing their passion with attendees of all ages.
Plenty of hands on activities and the ability to speak with the scientists who would be the first to tell you...
that science is always changing.
Change is the driving force behind repurposing...
 and Ren Man tried his hand (and feet) at pedaling and strumming a tune on this carefully constructed hurdy gurdy.

I have to admit, the day was quite enjoyable and well worth the drive over...
with or without the Missoni.
Don't tell Ren Man.

Happy Tuesday.

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