"There is so much that is deeply, and engagingly quirky about the Gardener’s Cottage, from the teak tables and lamps made from bits of the recently scrapped liner SS Olympia and the rescued church chairs to the fact that you sit on bench tables in two tiny rooms, forced to acknowledge those around you in a way that is entirely alien to the usual dining experience." ~Richard Bath, The Scotsman

We hit the ball out of the park, as they say,
with our discovery of... 
The Gardener's Cottage...
in the Royal Terrace Gardens of Edinburgh.

we discovered it a few months back 
but were unable to snag a reservation until this last visit when
 something came over me and I planned ahead.
 After a few personalized emails, we walked through the gardens to be welcomed into the original gardener's cottage.
Gardener's Cottage tweets the daily menu
The six amazingly creative courses were served to our group of four at an unhurried pace, even though they do have two seatings.
The set menu idea reminds me of having dinner at a friend's home.
A friend with finely tuned culinary finesse.
The icing on the cake was all of those small details throughout the evening that made this restaurant one of those spots you plan a weekend around.

Speaking of weekends...have a fabulous one.

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