“it’s the sort of bar where you wouldn’t be surprised to meet Hemingway or Olly Reed” ~Adrian Stahl

Like I mentioned yesterday...
one building in the back of Summerhall piqued our interest and upon closer inspection...
 revealed its past life.
As it turns out,
 Summerhall, currently a creative hub for the arts,
 is the former Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies.
The rooms throughout are still referred to as past classrooms...
The Dissections Room,
The Demonstration Room,
The Bone Library. 

The Royal Dick bar, where the small animal hospital was housed, now serves up food and drinks to humans. 
There is nothing like having an order of 'autopsy' served on a small animal examining table, don't you think?
We were parched and only had time for a beverage, but hope to visit again during Fringe, when they are venue 26.

Everywhere we turn...
we find another reason why a visit to Edinburgh is always a great idea.

Happy Thursday.

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