"New york city...new york city...new york city. Que pasa, new york? Que pasa, new york? ..." ~ John Lennon

NYC has its own personality.
I have pondered about this for a while now.
Well, it turns out I am not the only one ponderin about the personalities of cities.
While my descriptors are based on the feeling I get while walking around...
these intellectuals pondered a bit more scientifically.
There is even a quiz to help you decide which city fits your personality.
It seems I should be living in Boston.

NYC has quite the ego...
a healthy self-esteem.
So healthy in fact, it has no qualms about being totally random.
For me, it's this eclectic mix of people that has produced 
a hodge podge of unlimited choices...
beyond the amazing museums and theatre.

There are always new restaurants to rate.  
Eataly, suggested by a friend here in Aberdeen, 
reminds me of the food markets in some of my favorite cities in Europe.
Every nook and cranny was packed with some folks enjoying happy hour, others grabbing a quick bite to eat, while still others were picking out fresh produce or freshly made pasta to take home to prepare.
Meanwhile, we made a beeline to the rooftop bar...
where a few toasts were made.
 They let a little snow keep them from opening the roof, 
so this is definitely a place to return 
when the stars are the only thing above your head.

Other first time visits were...
for milk and cookies...
and refills at the original New York apothecary...

We also met up with family for a long lingering lunch at The Fat Radish
where I refrained from photos.
I was too busy enjoying the good conversation 
and excellent food in this Convent Garden jewel.
Check out their collaborative space for special events.

While on a search for Stumptown coffee, we stumbled across what will be our next lodging choice when staying in Manhattan. 
Hopefully, we are hip enough for the uber cool Ace Hotel in Midtown.

NYC earns its big ego and is a great example 
of what you can accomplish with a healthy self-esteem.
You find yourself constantly asking...
Que pasa New York?

Happy Thursday.

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