"I went to art school for fine art and then I started doing performance art, and then I started making fun of performance art, and it turned into comedy." ~ Mary Lynn Rajskub

While visiting 'the editor' and his wife was the main objective in CA...
Ren Man and I had plenty of time to explore during their working hours.
 Walking the beach from Venice to Santa Monica, you are drawn to some interesting characters.

For example,
this time around we came across Snake Man...
who entertained the crowd while balancing on a ladder, 
grasping two snakes...
each moving back and forth like a belly dancer.
All while interacting with the passersby gathering around him.

Ren Man walked towards the guys tip jar and my gasp brought laughter to those around me because I must have been the only one standing there that thought the snakes were actually real.

I am not sure if this is considered performance art...
 but there is definitely some serious multi-tasking going on...
even without the fear of being bitten by snakes.

Happy Tuesday!

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