Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Just a quick photo from the archives that is a pretty good representation of unique.
A few weeks ago our weekly game of mah-jong happened to fall on the birthday of Robert Burns which is a pretty big deal here in Scotland and demands haggis be served and poems read.

Knowing there would be quite a few haggis virgins in attendance...
I decided to disguise the haggis in a more familiar presentation...
Tex Mex.
Que bueno.
Soft haggis tacos were consumed in honor of Mr. Burns.

Meanwhile my toes are extremely embarrassed about their appearance as they will soon see the light of day for the first time in a very long time...
 which means a pedicure is in order.
Followed by packing for a few weeks in three possible weather conditions with limited space.

Even this wise advice...
adds stress to the agonizing and time-consuming process prompting dreams of a packing engineer with a sense of style.
Calgon take me away!

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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  1. Your haggis tacos were so yummy! And I can totally relate to packing stress. My least favorite thing about traveling, hands down.


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