My Aberdeen Monday...

After today...
the spotlight on Mondays will be pointing in some other direction.
At least for a few weeks while we are visiting the homeland.

this being the month of LOVE and all,
we will take a look at one of my favorite ways to ramble about Aberdeen.
I love how they share the love by supporting not-for-profit organizations 
through donations which then provides guilt-free shopping sprees 
at ubiquitous charity shops around town.  
You can support charity by shopping:
finally, a noble cause.
Each shop supports one of the many charitable organizations and
there is even an area in Aberdeen known as the 'charity triangle'.

The treasures I have stumbled upon keep me returning over and over again, and will no doubt return to one of these shops one day for someone else to discover.

So grab a group of friends...
 shop the triangle...
 followed by a long cuppa tea.

Happy Monday.

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