"In case I get lost again and don't see you, this has been great getting together." (Name withheld to protect the innocent)

Do you have friends in your life that regardless of the days, months, even years that fall between your reconnections, 
it takes only a few moments to pick up where you left off?
Because of our nomadic lifestyle, 
we leave friends behind 
or vice versa, pretty often.

there is usually one go-getter(thanks Mimi) in the bunch who takes the initiative and makes a reunion happen.
Therein lies our purpose for a quick get-away to Miami, actually Ft. Lauderdale, to meet up with some Caracas Ya'Ya's.
map source
To say the weekend flew by is an understatement
 as we attempted to cram years of life's moments into a few days.  
We would reconvene as a group for meals around town...
so when one of our party arrived a few minutes late...
 his comment, quoted above, brought laughter to the table.

My laughter lingered.
Maybe I am the only one whose life runs parallel with movie quotes but a scene from Pretty Woman popped into my head.
You know the one where she thanks him for the evening before the evening begins...
just in case she forgets to thank him later.
As are reunions with friends.
I highly recommend you make one happen.

Happy Tuesday.

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