"Between 1925 and the early 60's Miami Beach was the winter playground for the world's elite. And in the center of it all was a street known as the "Fifth Avenue of the South," Lincoln Road." ~ Joseph Brown

Miami's boardwalk and beach walk will keep you busy for about seven miles along the blue waters off Miami.
While the paved beach walk allows dogs and bikes and skates, the elevated boardwalk is for pedestrians only.
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 When you tire of being all healthy and such...
there is shopping and dining extraordinaire if you make a right turn onto Lincoln Road...
and still a pretty cool place to browse, 
especially on Sunday market day.

Trying to visualize what The Road might have been like back in the heyday only adds to its current day character which has done an amazing job of forgetting about its less attractive years in-between.

Just a few more reasons...
 I Miami.

Happy Tuesday.

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