"My rank is the highest known in Switzerland: I am a free citizen." ~ George Bernard Shaw

Watching the snow continue to fall...
brings back wonderful memories of our vacay with the kiddos in France over the Christmas holidays.

We met 'the foodie' in Geneva, Switzerland a day early...
where my world history acumen, or lack thereof,
was severely put to the test.
For example,
am I the only person in the world that did not know there is no Swiss language?
Most citizens of the Swiss Confederation 
speak predominately German but also French or Italian.
Geneva is located in the French speaking part of the country.
However, we were able to practice our Spanish with the mistletoe vendor from Spain.

Although our time in Geneva was short, we got a taste of why it is one of the top ten cities for highest quality of life.
Visions like this creative repurposing of plastic gas cans, a live nativity scene, local fruits and vegetables at the farmers market... 
 and cheerful specialty shops filled our day with mindless meandering.   
When hunger kicked in we were not at a loss...
in a city with abundant choices...
for an afternoon coffee or tea.

Happy Tuesday.

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