My Aberdeen Monday...

an opera I can be fond of.
even if Wikipedia refers to it as the lowest form of opera,
left us giggling as we cheered and booed at the performers (encouraged) and even stood to dance 'Gangnam style'.
This video(leave it to Ellen) is perfect just in case you want to learn the dance yourself.

These musical comedies loosely based on fairy tales are distinctly British and traditionally performed at Christmas time.
Having been here almost two years aided our understanding of some of the humor and local references as well as the Scottish accents.
If your travels bring you to this part of the world around the holidays...
take my word for it and add a pantomime to your itinerary.

pantos can now be found in Los Angeles, California and hopefully more cities back home over the next five years...
 due to a famous British expat wanting to share the experience.

It was great to be back in His Majesty's Theatre
where Snow White was our first panto but will not be our last. 
It seems like a perfectly smashing holiday tradition to adopt.

Happy Monday.  

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