Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

I took a walk down memory lane...
last night, as I reminisced fondly,
 over photos of our trip to Italy...
to learn how to cook and eat like an Italian.

As we traveled down the main road above...
the sky became ominous and
we soon began driving down the village road...
to our home for the next few days.
'The foodie' and I inhabited the top floor of a Tuscan farmhouse,
...our view each morning!

 for four days...
with two very talented and hospitable Italian sisters...
who have been teaching cooking classes through their cooking school,
in Florence and the Chianti region,
in both Italian and English,
 for many years.

revisiting these photos provided some perfect views...
like the one, 
we would call down yonder,
back home in the south.

Although this public tribute to an amazing week in Italy,
 two years ago, is LONG overdue...
it was finally forced into being after a little cooking school here in Aberdeen.
Using my skills aquired at Toscana Mia...
along with prior knowledge of the students...
 a delicious meal was prepared and shared 
with an adventurous group of ladies
who were extremely patient with my 'beginner-ness'.

Ready for action are...
who had a blast being back in the teaching role,
where I was once again reminded that my students 
always, always, always teach me something new.

A tavola non si invecchia. - Italian proverb.
Translation: At the table with good friends and family you do not become old.


Please join me the rest of this week 
for a photo diary of our amazing time in Italy.


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