“I can’t believe I’m getting emotional already. And seeing as it’s a vocal performance, I need to thank my doctors, I suppose, who brought my voice back.” ~ Adele

While searching for bits of GRAMMY gossip, 
it was a pleasant surprise to see that Betty White, at the age of 90, 
is a winner, for her audio recording of her book 
"If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't)"
The surprising part is that there is a category for 
"Best Spoken Word Album".

I was also quite surprised to learn that there is a Grammy Museum
and to hear about it...
from none other than the precious British sensation duo,
Sophia Grace and Rosie.
Being such a hit on The Ellen Show,
she asked them to attend the GRAMMY's... 
 as her correspondents.

I can't say my schedule was ever arranged to watch the awards show
 while living in the states...
but it sounds like this year was full of emotion 
and extraordinary talent 
from the oldest to the youngest.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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