"Take only pictures; leave only footprints." ~Anonymous

or hillwalking as it is called here in Scotland...
requires a whole new thought process for we Americans who feel our private property should remain just that...private.

The beauty of hillwalking here, in Scotland, 
is "the freedom to roam".

Anyone can hike across private land
which offers a peek into rural life 
throughout this amazing countryside.

sums it up with three main points:
"* take responsibility for your own actions
* respect the interests of other people
* care for the environment"

Each May there is backpacking Coast to Coast Across Scotland, 
called the TGO Challenge where there are no trails to follow but instead depend on ones navigation skills.

Fortunately, we did not have to test our nagivational skills our first time out, but instead followed our friends, the locals.

Although it was
the sun was out...
and offered a breathtaking ending
to our first hillwalking experience.

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