"My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky." ~ William Wordsworth

In search of fresh fish and chips,
Ren Man and I found ourselves weaving along the coast,
north of Aberdeen,
through the small harbour town...

Traveling north, the Buchan Ness Lighthouse 
is in the town of Boddam,
just south of Peterhead, 
where the lighthousekeeper cottages 
are available for rent.

Peterhead, the easternmost point in mainland Scotland,
was one of Great Britians two main whaling ports
back in 1820.
In the 70's Peterhead became a
North Sea oil industry service center.

As quick as a wink,
the sunshine was masked by dark skies,
 with the rain quickly moving through town 
only to be chased away 
by the most beautiful rainbow.

Happy Tuesday.

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