"Auld Scotland wants nae skinking ware That jaups in luggies; But, if ye wish her gratefu' prayer, Gi'e her a Haggis!" ~ Robert Burns, To A Haggis

a term I am familiar with because of the many times 
it was mumbled with a smile...
when flour tortillas were ordered in place of corn tortillas
while living in Mexico.
I never thought much about where the term of "endearment" comes from.

Our move to Scotland was necessary,
 in order for me to hear the "truth" from Glynn, 
 taxi driver by winter, tour guide by summer.

It seems there was Scottish Influence at the Alamo...

"While four Scots died during the battle of the Alamo, it is McGregor, a piper and second sergeant of Captain William R Carey’s artillery company that has romantically captured the imagination of Alamo historians and enthusiasts.

In a bid to raise the morale of the besieged defenders, McGregor performed musical ‘duels’ with American folklore legend and second generation Scot, Davy Crockett, who played the fiddle. McGregor was said to have won the duels because he played the longest and loudest.

The pair’s musical endeavours led to the Alamo urban legend, that the Mexican troops coined the word ‘gringo’ after hearing the defenders, many of them Scottish-Americans, singing rousing choruses of  Robert Burns’ ‘Green Grow The Rashes O’ as they faced certain death."

To hear this urban legend,
although, it will forever be my story...
and I am sticking to it,
  on Burns Day, 
 just following my first ever ceilidh AND flash mob in Edinburgh,
was complete 

Celebration of Robert Burns, the national bard (professional poet), 
continues for about two weeks surrounding his birthday on January 25th.

We were fortunate to attend a 
private Burns Supper

where the haggis was prayed over with Selkirk grace,
and toasted "To the Haggis" 
before being enjoyed along with the mandantory sides 
of neeps and tatties, (turnips and potatoes).

Dinner was followed with a few of Burns poems recited 

by those around the table.

HRH The Prince of Wales recites the song, 
My Luve is Like a Red Red Rose...

The sweet course, my favorite...
was Sticky Toffee Pudding...
and the hostess was kind enough to share her mum's recipe.

If that was not enough,
and impressive cheese board with oat cakes was then served 
as conversation flowed around the table.

 Burns Suppers can be full of pomp and circumstance, 
but I much prefer the smaller,
more intimate dinner amongst new friends.

Happy Monday!

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